Today is a good day. My wife and I moved into a new house recently and everything is starting to come together. I really feel lucky to be so happy right now! We have been making the standard home improvements, but now I will be diving head first into painting rooms, finishing bathrooms, and stripping floors. Oh the wonderful joys of home ownership! It’s a lot of work, but it feels so great to have a say in our new home and our new future together. 

So I guess that should explain why I have been lacking in the post department. I originally planned on writing strictly on my outdoor and exercise adventures, but I seem to have lots of things I want to talk about. I enjoy documenting the little things and hope this blog will serve as a memory of the little things in the future. Having my own blog is still new to me, so please be patient! 


Thanks for reading!


– JIm



Hello out there!

This is officially the first post on my very new blog “View From the Summit.” The name draws inspiration from climbing a mountain and feeling on top of the world. I have found that this feeling can be achieved in many different ways: mostly, by living a happy and fulfilling life.

So why start a blog? Why now? The truth is that it’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote about myself and the things that drive me, so i’m taking my wife’s advice and taking the bull by the horns. I’m hoping that this blog will serve the purpose of fulfilling my love of exploring and writing about the outdoors, nutrition, health and fitness, as well as inform, engage, and excite new readers.

How about a little background about myself before we jump in? I spend my days as Head of Creative Writing at Gym Source. I love my career and the opportunities it has provided me. I enjoy writing and learning new things, and have taken away so much knowledge from the fitness field that fuels me in my everyday life. Outside of work I am on a constant road to adventure. I like to keep active and healthy by being outside as much as possible and trying new things. I love food, music, hiking, camping, running, biking, kayaking and a thousand other things that keep me busy!

In this blog I want to explore all of these things and more. I hope to write about health, fitness, being outside, provide insights, share recipes, show off trip photos, and anything else that pops into my head! I also would love to network more, meet new people, and learn new things that will continue to inspire me.

I want to thank you for reading so far, and if it sounds like this blog may be of interest to you, I hope that you will visit often!

– Jim